Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal condition that unfortunately plagues almost all people who do any kind of physical activity.  It can be a crippling condition that can literally knock you off your feet.
Now I can’t speak about the best way to get rid of it, nor the best way to prevent it.  What I can do is to share the thing that I do to keep mine at bay or under control.

I have had athlete’s foot since I was about ten and I have tried everything under the sun for some kind of relief.  There are several different anti-fungal creams and powders that do knock it back for a while but they never quite knock it out all the way.  The one key thing that you have to remember is that athlete’s foot thrives in a moisture rich damp environment.  This is why many people who have sweaty feet also have athlete’s foot.

The two best things that I have found are keeping my feet dry and clean.  I wash my feet almost until they hurt so as to get all of the loose or dead skin off with soap and a wash rag.  When I rinse them thoroughly I make very sure that I dry them very well, bottoms, tops, and between my toes.

Now, this is paramount!  After they are good and dry this is the time that you put on cream, or powder, or Vaseline.  Get it all over your feet!  And then put some socks on!  I realize that this can seem to be somewhat of a “duuh” type of remedy but I swear you will thank me.  The only other thing that I can add to this remedy is to change socks very often and if you can, wear a different pair of shoes everyday.

Short of buying all new socks and shoes, which a Dr. has told me to do, changing your socks works with the above practice to make it seem that it is gone for good.
I can’t stress how many times I have had my feet looking like baby’s feet one day and three days later they are dried out and cracking open to the point of bleeding between my toes.  Once you get it cleared up the creams are not as important, but keeping dry clean feet is.

I hope that this serves someone because I never had anyone tell me anything like this to help me get over my own athlete’s foot.

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