Running Posture

Running Posture Before I get into it, I just want to recap what I’ve shared so far, and get a pulse check of sorts on how this is or is not helping, or any topics you’d like me to expand on in upcoming posts. HYDRATEORDIE, what to eat before you run, how to handle a […]


  Hydration #HYDRATEORDIE…..OK, yes I stole this slogan. Camelbak (shout out  ) used it for a whle when they first came out with their back pack water cell. They changed their slogan because it was “To harsh” Whatever!  IT’S 100% TRUE!  Hydration is a vital part of your life! I use this tag at the end of […]

Should I Eat First?

Should I Eat First? Should I eat first?  This is a very good question.  What are you going to do immediately after?  Is a question that should be asked soon also.  When the answer to the second question is going for a run, or prep for a race in a few hours, then this is […]

Running Uphill

Running Uphill Running uphill can be an extremely humbling experience.  It can beat you into stoppng in your tracks, make you stay off of any hill, or ever worse make you become a treadmill only runner, AAAHHHHHH!!!!  Oh the horror!  Everyone CAN run, but not everyone can run uphill well.  Today I’m going to expand onn […]

Music and Pace

Music and Pace  Music and pace are todays topic of choice.  Why both?  Well, because they walk hand in hand for countless numbers of runners that you will see on the road, in the gym, and any race that you sign up to run.  When I go out for a run I make sure that I […]

See Your Doctor

See Your Doctor When you go and see your doctor on a regular basis, it can literally become a life-link for your day to day life, and your life as a runner.  Your doctor is the one who can tell you that you can or can’t run, and if not now, they could tell you […]


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