Avoid Hitting “The Wall”

Avoid Hitting “The Wall”

I was sitting at work today thinking of a movie that I could reference for today’s posting.  “Run Fat Boy, Run,” was the one that I was thinking of.  The movie depicts a Dad’s journey through self discovery through a marathon 26.2 miles of OMG moments.  Near the end of the movie, in his marathon, he hits what he thinks is “The Wall”  It ends up being a mental hurdle, but bonking is NOT a good thing.

When you are doing any kind of endurance sport, such as,  cycling, or running, your body uses glycogen. Glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles and is used as a secondary, long-term energy source. It is used after your fats in your primary stores are depleted.

Simply said, when you run, you need glycogen, or you are going to hit the wall!  Also known as having your body say “No flipping Way” and you just have to stop and walk, or worse sit.  How do you keep glycogen in your body?  You CARB UP!!  Carbohydrates are in everything you eat in some way shape or form, some have higher levels than others.

White foods are HIGH in starch, sugars, and carbs.  Basically, everything that is not meats or cheese have lots of carbs.  Read your labels and chow down.

This is not recommended for a daily thing, it is for preparation for runs, races, etc.  This is usually something you want to do the night before a loooooong run or a race for the energy that you will need for the competitive edge needed to keep you running at the level that you want to maintain for a run.

Eat your Wheaties, eat your pastas, eat your mac n cheese, eat those french fries, drink those sports drinks, all for preparation. If you want to do this everyday you can, but you will baloon up as big as a house, I promise!



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  1. Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the good spirit.

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