Well that fateful day has come and gone, March 16, 2013 will go down in history as a day that a SUCCESSFUL LITTLE RACE WAS RUN!!  If you missed it, you missed a very fun,but still challenging time on the newest trail here in El Dorado.  The course was simple, nobody got lost, nobody got mad, and more importantly EVERYON had a great time.

winnerBelow I’m listing the race results for everyone, minus ages ;-), but there were some awesome times posted as you’ll see when you scroll down through them.  I got to catch up with some old friends, and even some of my fellow compedators in upcoming races who were all pleased with the work that we put out to launch this successful campaign to rebuild the obstacle course at our beloved Camp DeSoto.

Next year will be better, our “Day of” execution will be tighter, and I will pray to the BIG GUY that we have even better weather for next year’s race.  Oh, by the way, that date is tennatively scheduled for March 15, 2014 so be sure to mark your calendars.



Place Boy Scouts City, State Time
1 Jonathan Polk El Dorado, AR 17;50
2 Tyler Gasaway El Dorado, AR 19;00
3 Jackson Hull Conway, AR 28;03
4 Hunter Seeman El Dorado, AR 28;53
5 Caleb Lamb Jersey, AR 30;50
Place Cub Scouts City, State Time
1 Jason Knight Jr. El Dorado, AR 50;18
2 Jacob Knight El Dorado, AR 50;55
3 Cameron Hurd El Dorado, AR 57;42
4 JaKhin Payne El Dorado, AR 58;37
5 Devin Osgood El Dorado, AR 59;00
6 Landon Russell El Dorado, AR 60;00
Place Femake Walkers City, State Time
1 Laura Lavoie El Dorado, AR 40;49
2 Catherine Reynolds El Dorado, AR 43;26
3 Paula Reynolds El Dorado, AR 43;28
Place Female Runners City, State Time
1 Karen Lavoie Andover, MA 21:07
2 Kate Andreeva El Dorado, AR 23:54
3 Allison Gatlin El Dorado, AR 24;07
4 Kristen Finch Conway, AR 25;48
5 Miranda Evans Camden, AR 26;53
6 Natalie Hull Conway, AR 27;12
7 DeAnn Cates El Dorado, AR 27;23
8 Robin Hines El Dorado, AR 29;10
9 Angie Beckett El Dorado, AR 29;56
10 Claire Lavoie El Dorado, AR 30;50
11 Wendy Hoenig Houston, TX 30;54
12 Kristan Merris Camden, AR 31;04
13 Taryn Covington Magnolia 32;00
14 Lauren Lynch El Dorado, AR 32;51
15 Holly Walker El Dorado, AR 33;58
16 Samantha Wood El Dorado, AR 38;11
17 Terri Alexis El Dorado, AR 39;26
18 Amanda Knight El Dorado, AR 50;55
19 Tricia Hurd El Dorado, AR 57;53
Place Male Runners City, State Time
1 Harvey Brown Norphlet, AR 19;34
2 Christian Beasley El Dorado, AR 20;01
3 Kieth Pridgen Strong, AR 20;11
4 Chris Lynch El Dorado, AR 21;33
5 Michael Donnella El Dorado, AR 22;13
6 Steve Hoenig Houston, TX 22;31
7 Terry Beasley El Dorado, AR 22;40
8 George Roscoe El Dorado, AR 23;16
9 Johnny Richardson El Dorado, AR 27;55
10 Billy Blann El Dorado, AR 29;01
11 Angelos Lambis El Dorado, AR 30;25
12 Kieth Alexis El Dorado, AR 31;16
13 Jay Thornton Rogers, AR 31;28
14 Bob Willett Smackover, AR 34;03
15 Greg Tucker El Dorado, AR 45;52


If you haven’t seen all the pictures, take a look here or on the facebook page!


From BSA 5K, posted by Get2Running on 3/16/2013 (96 items)

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