“I feel the need, the need for SPEED!”

For example: you’ve been running more religiously than a nun goes church.  You’ve dropped a bunch of weight, your stride is smoother that the ride of an old Cadillac, you’re hydrating properly, and eating right, but you just can’t seem to get past that mile time, or better than that time you’ve been shooting for.  It’s frustrating, I KNOW!

The guy that taught me a whole bunch of what I know, Todd Griffin (shout out), told me that the only way that I was going to get a faster mile, 5k, or any distance is to run repeats.  I asked exactly what you are thinking, “What are repeats?”  Simple answer, it is the running equivalent of interval training.

When you run you usually run strong at first, because you’re jazzed about going for a run, and again when you finish because you’ve met your fitness goal for the day.  If you do nothing more than that, AWESOME, GREAT, GOOD JOB!!!!  If you want to get it done and be able to ask, “Am I done already?”  Then this is what you do.
This is my tried and true interval work for speed…Are you ready?

Run as hard and fast as you can for 1 minute, then walk for two.

That is all. When you burst for that minute your body is almost shocked into reacting to the speed that your head is telling it to run for that minute.  The two minute walk is to keep you moving so that you don’t immediately start cramping up.  Then, with limited cool down, and yes, (can’t believe I’m saying this), no water, blast off again for a minute, then walk for two.  If you make it through ten sets of this, you will be worn out like you never have been, and it will be the most exhausting 30:00 of your life! PROMISE!!

To this day I start slowing down around my eighth set and by the tenth I’m trying my best not to yack all over the road.  It is a killer workout and it has gotten me to a 7:40 repeatable mile. That’s not smoking fast, but respectable and a far cry better than my first!

Try it out and don’t cuss me when you puke in someone’s yard 😉 Push through but don’t hurt yourself.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
Btw, this is better on the road than a treadmill (shout out Tready!)

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