Gear, the stuff you need to run, necessities.  Everyone says “I got some shoes!”  That’s all fine and good, but are they running shoes?  As in designed for that specific activity?  Check them out for sure and really evaluate how we’ll the support you as you beat the street.  Your gear can be the thing that keeps you returning to click off some more mileage sooner rather than later.

You can spend as little as $30 to as much as $160 for running shoes, and virtually ALL shoe mfgrs have a running shoe.  Nike, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Reebok, Saucony, Newtons, Altra, K-Swiss, Addidas, and on, and on, and on…..  The only way to see which you like the best is to go try them on!  I look for lightweight neutral shoes for me (non-corrective).

Socks, many shapes, sizes and variations from compression to arch support to my old standby, Wally worlds finest low cut hidden sock. Again comfort is key and idk if I’d like any other type so why change them now, they’re cheap too!

Shorts or pants, you want a poly blended cotton, or all polyester for moisture wicking.  If it sweats and rubs, it WILL chafe!  Not fun, trust me! Your drawers or underwear, are important too.  Guys, you want some that support things with movement room, but not loose boxers.  Boxer briefs are my recommendation.
Girls, I don’t know about underwear, but I have heard that a good sports bra goes a long way.  For those of you “gifted” ladies, you may want to use two of them.  I’m just saying! Lol

Guys as far as your chest, and girls as well, um, I think a short story is in order….

I went out on a “I wonder how far I can go” run one day.  I was wearing cotton shorts and a cotton t-shirt along with the above mentioned shoes etc.  I ran for almost 8 miles!  It was great, I got home, did some crazy, but much needed, hydrating and sat down to rest for a bit.  I was fine till I looked down, my right nipple had been rubbed so raw that it was bleeding, not bad, but still!  Definitely an OH MY GOD moment.

Moral of this is, wear materials that aren’t going to rub, chafe, or make you bleed!  The next day I did go running, covered both of them with band aids and began to heal them as I ran.  That will work for regular runs, but band aids can be pricey and somewhat painful.
To sum it ALL up for the day:

  1. a good pair of running shoes, $50-$80
  2. Socks of your choice $10-$20
  3. Undergarments $10-$20
  4. Shorts/pants $10-$30
  5. Shirts $5-20

Knowing you can get into the CHEAPEST fitness activity for less than $200….PRICELESS!!


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