Music and Pace

Music and Pace 

Music and pace are todays topic of choice.  Why both?  Well, because they walk hand in hand for countless numbers of runners that you will see on the road, in the gym, and any race that you sign up to run.  When I go out for a run I make sure that I have my trusty Iphone loaded with my nike+ running app.  You can find it at  your apple app store, and depending on the operating system of your phone.    My iphone becomes a vital part of my workout in telling me what my pace is, how far ive gone, and if I set a goal distance, it will tell me with a countdown how much farther I have to go.  Adding the music and pace together, well thats a collective effort of the app designers, and me out there beating the street.  I love this thing like a very close friend, I just wish it would, or could talk smack to me in the voice of R. Lee Emery!

I can hear him now….”You better move your tail you jack wagon!”  I’ll have to email Nike about that one :-)

Music that I listen to while I run DIRECTLY relates to how fast I run.  I am a music fanatic!  Not only do I have all of the music that I love, I also have a bunch that many haven’t ever heard of.  It’s almost an obsession of mine, my pc is loaded down with a continuous string of music that would play non-stop for 29 days! From that music I have been able to create playlists that drive me to go faster, or train at a moderate pace and really crank out some mileage.
The majority of the time I use my standby playlist, I am obsessed, this is your warning, it has songs on it that are about 180-200 beats per minute.  Green Day, Metallica, Lit, or just something with a fast driving beat, is usually good for a tough workout, whereas something like 3 Doors down, or something around the 100-120 beats per minute range is usually great for building mileage.

Those of you that don’t listen to music, I don’t know how you to set a pace!  I have run without music and done well, the runs were usually short but fast runs where I didn’t have time to really settle into a pace.  I do better with music than without, and have run my fastest repeatable mile to date with music.  The finish time was 7:42, done with Green Day jamming!  I’ve done a repeatable 7:50 mile without music which is also a good time, but not as fast.  Me being a competitive racer….I go with the music!



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