Should I Eat First?

Should I Eat First?

Should I eat first?  This is a very good question.  What are you going to do immediately after?  Is a question that should be asked soon also.  When the answer to the second question is going for a run, or prep for a race in a few hours, then this is vital info to know!!

Today is a great day for a run. The temperature is a blamy 85 degrees , there’s a slight breeze, and you can literally see for miles.  Lets see just how many I can run today.  You get your gear on, grab your music player and walk towards the door.  When you start to pass the kitchen you think (pause for effect) hmm, should I eat before I run, and if so, what?

My good friend Jay Thornton (shout out), asked me this very question a few days ago.  Hey Don, you’re a runner, should I eat first, before I run?  My response to him was this.  If you’re hungry, by all means eat.  WARNING….DO NOT EAT BIG!  That’s a no go on the short stack with bacon and eggs!  If you do that you will know what exhaustion to the point of vomiting feels like, lieterally, and it will happen way quicker than you think.

I usually run in the afternoons when I get home from work.  I just drink a HUGE glass of water before I go.  However, on the days that I have a race, or my only option is to run in the am, I will grab some fruit, a granola bar, and a cup of coffee.  Here’s the rundown or nutritional jargon about a meal like this.  See for yourself at The fruit and grains will metabolize quickly into fuel that you will burn as you are about halfway into your run.  I like bananas because of the potassium to combat any muscle cramping.   Apples and granola are just yummy, horse feed usually, but yummy just the same.  The coffee, however you fix it, mocha chai half caf double espresso, will give you that first burst of energy that you need to set your pace for the run.  After you get done grab a quick shot of water and HIT THE ROAD!


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