#HYDRATEORDIE…..OK, yes I stole this slogan. Camelbak (shout out www.camelbak.com  ) used it for a whle when they first came out with their back pack water cell. They changed their slogan because it was “To harsh” Whatever!  IT’S 100% TRUE!  Hydration is a vital part of your life!

I use this tag at the end of my posts as a reminder to everyone that hydration and drinking plenty of fluids when running and at rest in this active lifestyle.  The human body is largely water held together with a bone structure and protoplasm!  So water is a WAY good thing.  I try to drink at least the USRDA of 64floz./day.  During the warmer months its usually closer to double that, trust me where I work you don’t even notice it.

Your body stores water and minerals from this water for use as you exert yourself.  While you run, cycle, walk, work outside, golf, fish, hike, or just sit, you are going to get warm. The human body’s natural reaction is to sweat.  Sweat is water inside of you coming out to try and cool you down.  When your body is sweating, or is pushing water to the surface of your skin and there is not any there, well lets just say, it ain’t pretty.  Dehydration sucks, I promise!

I’m not saying only water, just mostly water.  Drink your vitamin water, gatoraides, trace minerals, tea, etc. the thing to remember is that all of those are made with water as the main ingredient.  Don’t get to happy with the sports/electrolyte drinks, they’ll make your stomach feel terrible.  I usually restrict my sports drinks to approx 20floz. after a run, if I’m still thirsty, I fill that bottle up with, you guessed it, water and down that.  So now you know why I say…..



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