Foot Strike

Foot Strike

Foot strike is the main focus of today.  Foot strike, or better known as how your foot hits the ground, is a essential part of any and every run!  If you get up and go out for a run and you come back feeling as if your legs have been beaten to within a breath of still being attached then there is obviously something wrong with your foot strike!

When you start out running your natural tendency is going to be to hit the ground like you would walk, heel first rolling to the toes and then spring off of that foot to do the same with the other one, they (running scientists), call this heel stopping.  Why would you want to stop at all while running?  This is all fine and good if you hate your knees, ankles, and don’t want to run for very long distances in your future, LIKE EVER!!
I have done some research on my own foot strike and found that I have trained out any hard heel stop that I once had.

To minimize your heel stopping and promote more of a optimal Mid-Foot Strike all you need to do is try to make your posture is straight and squat down just a bit, at the knees, so that you are using more of your legs to propel you.  The posture is key, King, essential, or however you need to see it said!  The squatting will make your legs into shock absorbers, like in your car, and allow for a more comfortable “ride” down the road.
Lastly today with the whole foot strike topic is the natural roll of your foot from your heel toward the arch of your foot and then to your toes.  I tend to do what is called pronateing, or roll my left foot, inward just a hair but not enought to need stride corrective shoes.  There are several other types of pronation aside from normal, overpronation, and underpronation to be specific, and can be easily defined to you by looking up proation in any search engine.  The definition that I like the best is provided at  a.k.a. “The Runners Internet Bible!”

I almost forgot, you can find out if or which one of these you do by going to a running store, they are fe and far between so those of you who don’t have one close to you can look at the bottom of your shoes that you normally wear for daily tasks. They will tell you all that you need to know. After you look at the definitions that is.

This info will tell you if you need corrective shoes or not.  As far as corrective shoes go, BELIEVE THE HYPE, JUST DON’T PAY FOR IT!  Find out what you need an go to to get your shoes for low prices, overnight free shipping, an awesome unheard of return policy, and maybe even at close-out prices.  Shameless plug, I know, but they’re great.

So go out there, take it easy and try the squatted stride for yourself, your butt will burn, quads ache, and calves burn too, trust me, all normal.  You will also find that allthough all of that is happening, you won’t be nearly as tired from running, and you’ll be more likely to do it sooner with less recovery time between runs.

Get out there and beat the streets!!



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