Diets and Dieting

Diets, and dieting….

Everyone does it, so why can’t I?
A diet is defined as the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group.  Dieting is defined as the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake.
Now that that’s over, I’ll share what I like to define what I like to call a diet.  A diet is planned starvation with only enough food intake to function.  Dieting SUCKS and thats precisely why I don’t do it! I do a form of it though, it is called front-loading.
Plain and simple terms, I try to eat the majority of my calories, usually more good than bad, during the day while I’m up moving around.
I eat breakfast 5:30am, Sausage egg and cheese on toast, or cereal and milk either with a huge mocha to wash it down.  I eat again around 9:30am, at which time I usually have a granola bar and a banana, and to wash it all down, a nearly clear and over chlorinated glass of ElDorado water!
There’s is truly no water like ElDorado water, it’s, hmmm well…wet, almost quenching, and quite literally has the slightest taste of pool water.  (Note to self, write a post about water…should be riveting!)
Noon rolls around at which time I have whatever leftover supper there is from the night before.  For my liquid refreshment…you guessed it, water.
Then, around 3pm, I’ll have a piece of fruit, whatever is on hand, and some water.  This food intake, so far, is enough to lull me into a sleep, or give me that last push to overcome the rest of my day.  When I run in the afternoon, this works like magic.  I get the proteins, carbs, and (hopefully) the naturally occurring sugars that are in these small meals to give me that drive to push harder throughout my run.  Oh yeah, and more water after my run.
My evening meal is always my downfall.  My wife, Jaime Finch (shout out) is a great cook!  Great cooks make great food.  I am a person who loves great food.  So that means evening meals are especially hard for me to limit.  When I do have the willpower to not give in to the urge to eat like I’m on a mission, I make a point to keep my portions to the size of the palm of my hand.
This portion control coupled with front loading has proven successful for me because I still get to eat whatever I please with out packing on the pounds.  I have also lost weight doing this by making the front loaded portions smaller, and running before supper.  As always drink  water with these meals and shut off all food intake, I DO MEAN ALL, by 7:30pm at the latest!  Every calorie you ingest after that will still be trying to be broken down by the time you get up in the morning.  Try it for a week and see if it works for you.
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