FitMan is going to be the bridge taking you to the next level of fitness! As previously stated in the birthday post, I have a new fitness program that I have personally developed into a butt-kicking, result getting fun workout program that is challenging and interchangeable per the person who is doing it. It is also […]

Happy Birthday to G2R!!! Happy birthday g2r!!!  We have made it a whole year on this run! Since it’s inception, has been a driving force for myself and my partners here on our page, as well as motivation for our followers to reach for and crush their fitness and fit lifestyle that we have […]

The importance of cross training

The importance of cross training Cross training is a very important part of ANY active lifestyle.  Weather you’re a runner, cyclist, weight lifter, aerobicise-er, swimmer, or skier, you can’t get any better at your specialty sport without doing some other kind of workout every once in a while. When you work out one specific part […]


BSA 5K, THE RESULTS ARE IN!! Well that fateful day has come and gone, March 16, 2013 will go down in history as a day that a SUCCESSFUL LITTLE RACE WAS RUN!!  If you missed it, you missed a very fun,but still challenging time on the newest trail here in El Dorado.  The course was simple, […]

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot Athlete’s foot is a fungal condition that unfortunately plagues almost all people who do any kind of physical activity.  It can be a crippling condition that can literally knock you off your feet. Now I can’t speak about the best way to get rid of it, nor the best way to prevent it.  […]

Run it Off!

Run it Off! Run it Off, whatever ‘it’ is.  So, over this break from school I have had a lot of time to run, but the majority of my days have been spent studying for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination.  This is the test that I have to take to be accepted into graduate school.  […]


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