Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started

Getting started running, or anything for that matter, takes a bunch of different things.  Your initial decision to run can be daunting to say the least.  You will need gear, time, and whenever possible friends will help.  Your decision to start running it is an easy thing to do, for crying out loud, you’ve known how to do it since you were two years old, and it’s easier than riiding a bike!

Getting started is easy.  It is when you decide to keep running that it becomes more difficult, but also very rewarding!

Every run I’ve ever done was done with a set goal, distance or place, in mind.  I would set out to run one mile, no more no less.  When I got tired I didn’t stop, I walked but I finished the initial goal distance.  Your first run needs to be at a pace that you could talk, or converse with someone as you run.  If you can’t have a conversation, SLOW DOWN!!  Don’t blast off into your run, start slow, pick up the pace a little as you go and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment!  Run for about a minute, then walk for a while.  When you stop panting like a dog, which will happen, start running again.

You WILL be sore at first!  Don’t let that soreness rule you, it is your body’s natural reaction to you making that change and how it recovers from that activity.  When you finish your next run you will not be bearly as sore, I promise!  Use your head and do some light stretching before and after and drink plenty of water.



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