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Happy Birthday to G2R!!!

Happy birthday g2r!!!  We have made it a whole year on this run!

Since it’s inception, has been a driving force for myself and my partners here on our page, as well as motivation for our followers to reach for and crush their fitness and fit lifestyle that we have all chosen to live.

Here it is a  year later and I have become heavier and more lazy than I’d like to admit.  I have been doing my run work sporadic at best with the weather as cold and wet as it has been this winter.  I have issues breathing the cold air, and I HATE treadmill running.

I heard about this "New" craze that's sweeping the nation  and decided I'd do some exploring.  After watching and wishing for a while I finally found a gym that had a CrossFit program, and that's all they do is CrossFit.  So, I went to this gym to take an intro class to see if I could even handle CrossFit.  I made it through the intro, which was one cycle of the WOD (Work Out of the Day) and I loved it!  I even kept my lunch down, but knew I had more left.  I found out how much it was and nearly fainted on the spot.

CrossFit is an excellent way to crush the fitness goals that you have set so that you have a future to see, but it was something that I couldn’t come close to being able to afford.  So I have come up with a new concept to help break up the monotony of running ALL THE TIME.

I have dubbed my program, that I’ve developed, FitMan.  FitMan is almost exactly like CrossFit with the added incentive of a free cost!  Yes, you don’t have to pay the astronomical fees of a gym at all.  You do however need a few things that can be purchased locally for a small cost or maybe even free. There are a few things you'll need and probably be able to find for free in your area.   

1. A large tire, (tractor or large equipment tire)                                                                        

2. A passenger car tire                                                                                                          

3. A jump rope                                                                                                                  

4. A heavy sledge hammer or full sized dead blow hammer                                                                           

5. Two 1 gallon jugs of water or dumbbells/kettle bells (for resistance)                                                         

6. A pair of form fitting gloves. 

The only two things that I have spent money on were the jump rope and the sledge hammer.  If there's a tire shop around go ask them and they will be more than glad to fix you up with a junk or take-off tire for nothing.

I have chosen to center FitMan around running and the fact that cardio is an essential part of EVERY workout program.  Four days a  week you are doing FitMan, and the other three you are alternating between a 1min sprint/2min walk speed cycle for 30 minutes, and 2, 1 mile repeats with a 90 second rest between.

The schedule should be followed like this:
1.       MONDAY:    FitMan day 1
2.       TUESDAY:    Speed cycle 1’s &2’s
3.       WEDNESDAY:   FitMan day 2
4.       THURSDAY:   2 single mile repeats, 90 sec rest between
5.       FRIDAY:   FitMan day 3
6.       SATURDAY:   Speed cycle 1’s &2’s
7.       SUNDAY:   FitMan day 4
I know you’ve noticed that there is not a day of rest figured into this program.  That’s the beauty of FitMan, you go until your body tells you it needs rest.  You go as many days in a row as you can and if it rains on day 3, you start the day it stops raining with day 1. Or, say you’re all the way through day 6 and just don’t have time to do day 7, take day seven off and start over the day after that with day 1.  Lastly, should you go on vacation and not have your equipment, alternating your run days until you get back will keep you motivated until you get back home.

FitMan will get you sweaty and dirty on the cycle days.  You will feel the results of these workouts daily, and for roughly 30 minutes of hard work, you’re likely to see results as fast as you would with CrossFit, while keeping your money where it needs to be…in your pocket!  The other underlying benefit of FitMan, and sweetest part of it all, is that you, as a runner, will reach your weight goals, and time goals without purposely training to do so!

Be sure to check the "Lessons" area for a printable version of FitMan that you can work into your daily routine and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, comment and tag, and post on our page all of your experience with FitMan and any other toughts that you want to share.

As always remember #KEEPRUNNING and #HYDRATEORDIE

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