Hot Runs, and Cold Runs

Hot Runs, and Cold Runs
Ok, I was going to post something on regularity, and the importance of dietary fiber, but it all sounded like crap!  (Pun intended)  For today’s lesson, I’m going to compare and contrast hot & cold weather running. I prefer a hot run to a cold run any day of the week so it’s hard for me to not be biased, but I’ll try my best to keep that at bay.

Cold weather running is enjoyable, and is also the best time for your body to absorb the oxygen in your breaths more completely.  You get to bundle up, and get all decked out with gear to keep warm, but not hot.  I’ve found that about a mile into my run I can’t tell that it’s even cold out unless its like 40 degrees.  If you see me out running when it is cold, stop and give me a ride, because something is BAD wrong. Cold runs are refreshing in that you get all the benefits of a run, and you don’t sweat too much! How sweet is that?!  Check out the weather and get out there and try it! By no means is cold weather an excuse to slack off on you workouts, and it is a fun time to run!

However, hot runs are where I thrive.  I like to run in crazy hot conditions!  I can’t breathe cold air very well, my Mom will attest to that (shout out Ma!), it has been known to actually take my breath away!  That’s why a hot run is greatly preferred by me. The benefits are exactly the same, minus 2 little things, or plus for me.  You don’t have to wear as much clothing, so you are afforded more freedom of movement, and you sweat buckets!  Sweat is the best thing to me because if there are any toxins or leftover supplements in your body, this will clean them ALL out.  The worst part is, where as you don’t need as much clothing, you may need to bring water with you or run along a route that you know you can stop along the way for some much needed hydration.

Hope this helps, and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving. What you eat today you’ll be running off for the next two 😉 enjoy!

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