Introduction time

Introduction time

It is introduction time.

It occurred to me the other day that we need to expand a bit and offer another point if view for our page.  Jay, the newbie runner, and myself have lots to offer as far as the tips and tricks of our chosen sport/lifestyle. The one thing we don’t have is a woman’s point of view.
So introduction time! The young woman who has decided to grace us with her presence is none other than (DRUMROLL PLEASE) Kristen Finch!


Kristen is an accomplished student athlete at her college, she has run more than a few miles, track, tready, and road, and has metaled in a competitive 5k race.  She knows a thing or two, she’s one of my favorite running buddies, and I taught her a bunch of running tricks over the years.  Oh yeah, and she’s my sister! I’m proud to welcome her to get2running as our “She Runs” contributor!

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