Music and Pace

Music and Pace  Music and pace are todays topic of choice.  Why both?  Well, because they walk hand in hand for countless numbers of runners that you will see on the road, in the gym, and any race that you sign up to run.  When I go out for a run I make sure that I […]

See Your Doctor

See Your Doctor When you go and see your doctor on a regular basis, it can literally become a life-link for your day to day life, and your life as a runner.  Your doctor is the one who can tell you that you can or can’t run, and if not now, they could tell you […]


BREATHING BREATHING!  The way you move air into and out of your body is about the most important thing that you can improve, and likely change to make your runs more meaningful and less taxing on your body. How you ask? I’m not going to tell you that, because everyone breathes differently. I have found […]


GEAR Gear, the stuff you need to run, necessities.  Everyone says “I got some shoes!”  That’s all fine and good, but are they running shoes?  As in designed for that specific activity?  Check them out for sure and really evaluate how we’ll the support you as you beat the street.  Your gear can be the […]

Foot Strike

Foot Strike Foot strike is the main focus of today.  Foot strike, or better known as how your foot hits the ground, is a essential part of any and every run!  If you get up and go out for a run and you come back feeling as if your legs have been beaten to within […]

Getting Started

Getting started Getting started running, or anything for that matter, takes a bunch of different things.  Your initial decision to run can be daunting to say the least.  You will need gear, time, and whenever possible friends will help.  Your decision to start running it is an easy thing to do, for crying out loud, you’ve known how to […]


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