Looking to the Future

Future state of www.Get2running .com, also known as what’s coming up!

Looking to the Future is just the title of this post, but the category is the main focus here.  Besides, there’s only so much blogging that one can do about running, right?……WRONG!!!!!  I was just wanting to help other people, but now I realize that I stand a chance to make SCADS of cash off of this!  LOL, I kid, I kid.

One of my co-workers asked me the other day what it was that I was wanting to do with this blog site aside from the obvious.

This is going to be a useful tool that you can check everytime you log on. You can find out what future events, such as, race dates and links to their respective host sites with entry forms and stuff like that.  I want to do reviews of different shoes, clothing and gadgets associated with running.  There will be give-aways too, I’m going to have no less than 4 shirts with the site’s logo artwork on them free to my fellow runners at local races.  I also, in the near future, will be posting some “Come run with me” events as well.  I might post something like, “Hey, Ill be running ElDorado’s MayHawlin’ 5k course Saturday at 3pm if anyone wants to join me.  You’re sure to have fun!”

Oh yeah, since I’m Looking to the Future, in March, a 5k in conjunction with the local Boy Scout council to raise funds to revamp, or ramp-up the obstacle course out at Camp DeSoto.  (Details coming soon):-)

This thing is just getting started, but I promise it will be one heck of a ride!! So stay tuned, keep reading, commenting, and subscribe! All suggestions are welcome and encouraged.  Get out and beat the street!  Thanks again everyone!



There is a list of dates that I live by at times.  Go check out www.arkansasrunner.com

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