Managing a healthy weight

Managing a healthy weight

Managing a healthy weight can be a bit of a uphill battle. My weight has been going up instead of staying where I want it...I think this is a common problem with people that are nearing 40 as I am, but not limited to people in my age bracket.

To truly change your body, weight that is, you first need to look at your diet as a whole. Back up ten and observe it from a "Different pair of eyes" if you will. This meaning you need to become hypercritical of EVERYTHING that you eat and drink!!

Track your diet on paper for at least three days. Write down everything you eat and drink along with an average of how often you "Use it" #1 & #2. This will paint a pretty picture as to what you need to remove from your diet. Get rid of as many sweets, chips, starches, and any processed foods that don't need to be in your body in the first place. Read the labels, track the calories, control your portions, and stop eating after a certain time in the evening. Most importantly if its not in the form that is comes in, ie. block cheese instead of shredded or singly wrapped cheese slices. DON'T EAT THEM!

The more that food is processed the more likely it will stay with you, and the more likely that you will seemingly be addicted to them. FOOD ORGIES ARE BAD!!! Try to eat whole foods, grains, vegetables, fruits, meats. Granola, fiber bars (go easy on those) protein bars, peanuts, and things like that will fill the void. Be sure to drink lots of water or sugar free drinks if you have to have flavored things to drink.

This doesn't mean no "fun" foods by any means. It just means don't eat them nearly as often. Use them as a reward for things you're doing, or as a completion of something that you're doing. The little cheats can often be what helps you get to the next stage of your healthy lifestyle because let's face and exercise are a close relative of work!! You can tell if you're doing things right by looking at your waste, not waist, waste.

I know gross right? A friend of mine who has been working with a nutritionist for his child told him, "If it sinks in the're doing something right because if it floats that means you're gaining weight or not losing any."

The problem that I face everyday is that I eat at about 7pm and then chillax until its time for bed. I usually "Front Load" my diet and eat the majority of my calories while I'm up moving around. This works well, but when your portions are huge at night, it doesn't work well at all.



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