New Year’s Resolution

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New Year’s Resolution

New year’s resolutions are sometimes hard to keep, and more often than not, not quite accomplished.  A New years resolution is meant to be a goal that you strive for.  You could complete something that you’ve started, maybe starting something new, ie. remodeling the kitchen, or taking the whole year to do something like lose 10 pounds…and keep it off!  New Year’s resolutions need to be goals that you put out there for yourself to constantly work at throughout the year.

If you’re making goals or  a New Year’s resolution for yourself along the lines of not eating white bread and you only eat wheat bread that’s kind of a gimme or more of a give up.  You’re going to succeeded at that one but you need to do something that you don’t normally do, go outside of your comfort zone and push yourself.

A New Year’s resolution for a runner would be shaving 10 seconds off your fastest mile time, or concentrating on your form as you run.  You could go for a faster overall 5K or 10k time.  Possibly training for a half or full marathon!  New Year’s resolutions are meant to be long-term goals and maybe not just about you.

In the words of my cousin, (shoutout Jeremy Miller) “Don’t set yourself up for failure by not making resolutions if you pick  a bunch of lofty goals.”  Pick two or three goals that you want to work on throughout the year and concentrate on.  Make them about bettering yourself, bettering your life, bettering your body, and believe me your friends and family around you will thank you for it because you’ll be around longer to enjoy good times and their company.

Choose New Year’s resolutions that you want to push yourself to do, if you don’t, the New Year’s resolutions that you picked it last year will be the ones that you go with this year.  You will have the same result as last year whether you did it or not.  Pick something out that you haven’t done before that you want to do that you’ve always tried to do but never quite get.

I’m trying to shave about 20 to 30 seconds off of my fastest mile time.  I want to have a completed 5K time of 23:10 to 22:30 or somewhere in there, and I want to lose weight down to 185 pounds and maintain that for the year.

Those are my three fitness goals for my New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve got other New Year’s resolutions as well but there more on a personal family type level things that I need to get done around the house things that my wife and I want to complete on the house or with the kids.

Say you want to be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes, that’s a New Year’s resolution that is entirely attainable completely doable.  If you want to run around the block twice without stopping that’s a goal you can use as a New Year’s resolution.  There is nothing wrong with taking baby steps.

The problem is you have to take that first step, that can be your New Year’s resolution!  Decide to get up off your rear end and do something about those 20 extra pounds you’re carrying around. You can do something about the way your eating night, do something about the fact that you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, do something to bring your family closer together, do something to visit with friends more often.

My main message here is to get up and move this year!  It’s easy, and everyone can do it!  For more ideas go to: or





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