Run it Off!

Run it Off!

Run Off GRE Stress!

Run it Off, whatever ‘it’ is.  So, over this break from school I have had a lot of time to run, but the majority of my days have been spent studying for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination.  This is the test that I have to take to be accepted into graduate school.  The test is designed as another measure of applicants into graduate programs around the United States.  Depending on your percentile, you are such and such percent “better” than the thousands of other people who have taken the GRE.  If you have a highly competitive score, you may win out over another applicant to graduate school that isn’t as skilled as you are on in Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.  You may have a lovely GPA from an awesome liberal arts college, but your wonderful qualities could be undermined by a low score on the GRE.

No pressure…

I have memorized the 500 GRE words and I have taken 10 practice tests.  Some of my favorite new words are fetid, piquent, polemic, impugn, capricious, querulous, and really I like them all.  One thing that has really helped me through it all is running.  I am an advocate* for exercise as a release from stress, and I have even been in a Hendrix Red Brick Film Festival video called, “Alternatives” to enumerate* the salubrious* benefits of physical activity to deal with stress.  As a college student, I can think of many other ways to deal with stress that may be easier or more fun 😉 but not nearly as effective.  The video can explain, . We apologize for the quality of the video, but not for the outfits.
Anyway, it is very easy to ignore physical activity when you find yourself inundated* with stress, but give running a try and see how effective it can be at alleviating* stress.  After an intense three-hour session staring at the computer and using my brain I need to get out.  I need to do something I know I am good at.  I need to run off all of my frustration and brain-fatigue, and think about something else.  A good run after a long day is a reward; it is “me-time.”  In this case, you will be rewarding yourself with a good run, and completing a healthy activity.  Two birds.

My test is on Monday and it is Saturday, and my plan is not to take another practice test, but to have a good “pre-game” run.  Run it Off! I am going to happily dominate the trail, and store some good vibes for test day!  Wish me luck!  #sheruns #noexcuses

* GRE words

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