Runner’s High

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Runner’s High
Runner’s High is like a mythical creature that is nearly unattainable.  A unicorn of sorts.  When you’re out running, a runner’s high is what you want.  Now the question remains…

What exactly is a runner’s high?

Runner’s high is when you get to feeling like you could just run forever, like you’ve just been given a boost of sorts.  You get this giddy feeling, almost like someone has told you a funny story and it just stays with you.  You literally feel no fatigue!  You’re not tired, and you feel that you can just go and go and go!  I LOVE IT!!!  Actual definition of runner’s high ->’s%20high

You’ve been going for runs left and right, you have been getting some serious mileage, and getting stronger, but you’re just not feeling good after a run.  It can get discouraging, and almost make you want to change your training totally.  That is a viable option, but don’t give up on running!

This is how I go about crushing that, “OMG IS THIS CLOSE TO OVER?” point in my runs.

“THE WALL!”  is easier to find than the runner’s high is to achieve.  When I’m running I almost look for the wall because I know how to demolish it without even thinking about it.  I try to settle into a groove of sorts.  Combining the music I’m listening to, the cadence of my feet hitting the groound, the rythm of my breathing, and the movement of my arms are truly one fluid movement.  For me this makes “THE WALL” more of a curb to pass over and my runner’s high an easily reachable top shelf item.  Wondering about “THE WALL?” click this->

When I do have an off day and cant seem to kill it, I shift into a more task driven runner who’s mission is to finish my run strongly.  I know then that I have to push both harder and farther to go past this threshold and achieve your own runner’s high.

I usually hit my runner’s high when I’m a little over two miles into my run.  I get a boost of strength and can really finish my run strong.  I’m usually 100% drained from running.  When I get my runner’s high I know I’ve truly left it ALL out on the road.

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