Running Posture

Running Posture

Before I get into it, I just want to recap what I’ve shared so far, and get a pulse check of sorts on how this is or is not helping, or any topics you’d like me to expand on in upcoming posts.

HYDRATEORDIE, what to eat before you run, how to handle a hill on a run, music/pace, doctor visit, breathing, gear, foot strike, and finally we are back at day 1 which was fittingly getting started. Now you ask, Don, is there more? Duuhyup!!

Running Posture=Progress
I’ve recently read a book that I think everyone who runs should read!  It’s called Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, he’s also got a webpagededicated to this life changing way of running  This book is like a bible for anyone who runs, there is a bunch of information on many topics from foot strike to your running posture.  I picked up so much from it that I use on every run that I go on.

Posture is one of its main focuses in the first parts of the book. When a person goes out on a runthey generall propel themselves along by just moving their legs, on in front of the other.  This will get you where you are heading, but if you want to go running more often in the future, your posture is going to need some work.  If you do some work at keeping  your back straight, it will ease the impact of your footstrike on your body.  Keeping your head high will also help lessen the jarring.  Chest out and shoulders back just a bit and you will automatically feel more confident about your skill set as a runner.  Oh yeah, and you will succeed in your runs.  Successful runs are what you’re after anyways right?

Try it on your next run, sacrifice your personal best for your best form.  Say your normal pace is 9 per mile, if you run a 10 minute mile that is the easiest one that you’ve ever run….well lets just say you’ll enjoy it!!


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