Running Downhill

Running Downhill

So I was running tonight, 5k, and it was a very enjoyable.  I set out to run for the first time in about two weeks and shaved a full minute off of my last run.
Today I’m going to be short so here we go.
When you’re out running and you run up a hill, chances are that you’ll be running down a hill as well.
Which of the following is the best way to run down a hill?

A. Stop running and walk

B. Lean back and run down it

C. Lean forward and fly down it

C is the answer!
You lean in and your run will take flight, literally! Running downhill you’ll find quickly becomes a controlled fall, a fast fall!! You use gravity to your advantage and use your stride like you would on flat ground.  Don’t lean back, if you do you will start doing what is called heel stopping.  IT WILL HURT YOU!! BAD!!!  What part of those two words, heel stopping, sounds like running?

It takes practice but when you get it, running downhill will become second nature. Try it next time you go out!


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