Treadmill vs. Road

Treadmill vs. Road The other day I came to a realization.  Jay Thornton, a.k.a Newbie Runner, and I have decided to meet each others challenge of 450 miles from 1/1/13 to 12/31/13.  We did the math and figured out that this was about 1.2 miles a day.  Totally doable for almost anyone who runs, and […]

Runner’s High

Runner’s High Runner’s High is like a mythical creature that is nearly unattainable.  A unicorn of sorts.  When you’re out running, a runner’s high is what you want.  Now the question remains… What exactly is a runner’s high? Runner’s high is when you get to feeling like you could just run forever, like you’ve just been […]

First 5k is Just a Week Away!!

First 5k is a week away! With your first 5k date rapidly approaching, or your 80th one, there can be any mixture of emotions for you to deal with. Some people are excited, confused, anxious, nauseous, nervous, calm, oddly relaxed, or puking your guts up awaiting the start, (although nasty, you will probably see the […]

Rainy Day Running

Rainy Day Running…. Scenario: It’s raining, should I run or just skip today? If you are faced with this issue, you need to really think about getting out there and just running, at least a mile. You ask, “In the rain, you are telling me to run in the rain?” Yes, that’s exactly what I […]

Road Running, Safely

Road Running, Safely Scenario: You’ve been running your same old path for a while now and you’re starting to become bored with it.  THIS IS  NEVER A GOOD THING! Why you ask….?   When you become bored with anything, the challenge is lost, you’ve “mastered” it, or there seems to be little to no point in continuing […]

Avoid Hitting “The Wall”

Avoid Hitting “The Wall” I was sitting at work today thinking of a movie that I could reference for today’s posting.  “Run Fat Boy, Run,” was the one that I was thinking of.  The movie depicts a Dad’s journey through self discovery through a marathon 26.2 miles of OMG moments.  Near the end of the movie, […]


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