See Your Doctor


See Your Doctor

When you go and see your doctor on a regular basis, it can literally become a life-link for your day to day life, and your life as a runner.  Your doctor is the one who can tell you that you can or can’t run, and if not now, they could tell you what you need to do to get to that place that you want to be.  I can’t stress how important it is to talk to your doctor.  When I’m sick and can’t get the crud out of my body, I’ll go see my doctor and he’ll ask whats going on with me?  This is when I tell him EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG!!  If you don’t tell him, he my as well be working on an animated corpse!  Tell him that you need a shot to get that lung crud annihilated.  A script for some antibiotics, a change with your daily vitamins, or even the cut that you got from smashing your finger with a hammer.  If he doesn’t know, you won’t receive the proper treatment.

I’ll keep today’s post fairly short and kinda boring.  Before you get the gear, practice the breathing, or even go out for a “Real” run, do yourself a favor and go see your Doctor.  You need to know what shape your body is in, and that it can handle running.  If it can’t, or can’t right now, don’t say “Oh well, I guess I’ll just stay this way and get some meds to help me stay well.”

That is a cop out type of thinking. If you give up on your health then you’ve given up on life!!!
EVERYONE CAN WALK!  Not a marathon, not a 10k, not a 5k, and maybe not even a mile, but you can walk around your block!  Start small and work your way up so you can prepare your body for the day that you can run.

Now I need to backtrack a bit here and say that in no way am I a certified trainer, or anything like that! I am a runner and I’ve chosen to share my experiences to encourage, inspire, motivate, and give you a tool box full of things you can try in your own experience. Running is my focus, but this all applies to walking as well.

That being said, ranting over, make the decision, do the work, commit to making that change! Most importantly….



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