Train Your Cells

Train Your Cells!   I apologize for my long absence, but I was very busy finishing up with my last semester of college.  Saturday May, 11 I graduated from Hendrix College with a double major in Biology and Spanish.  Needless to say I was a little more than busy with my senior comprehensive exams, exams […]

Run it Off!

Run it Off! Run it Off, whatever ‘it’ is.  So, over this break from school I have had a lot of time to run, but the majority of my days have been spent studying for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination.  This is the test that I have to take to be accepted into graduate school.  […]

Tips From a College Athlete

Tips From a College Athlete Tips from a college athlete turned avid runner!  As a volleyball player and the past four years as a college athlete I have been advised by numerous coaches, nutritionists, and athletic trainers.  I have picked up several tricks to keeping my body healthy and avoiding injury.  So for this post, […]

So why run?

So why run? So why run?  I have asked myself this question many times in the not so past, and just the other day.  It can be a somewhat daunting question to answer, but for me it comes simply.  To answer this question, I need to explain my situation a bit more. I have access […]

Runner for life

Runner for life   I never thought that I would become a runner for life, butI’m sold!  I began running my sophomore year of college.  My volleyball coach had insisted on weekly 7 am mile runs, and made it clear that no matter how much work was done on the court, running the mile in 9 minute […]

Introduction time

Introduction time It is introduction time. It occurred to me the other day that we need to expand a bit and offer another point if view for our page.  Jay, the newbie runner, and myself have lots to offer as far as the tips and tricks of our chosen sport/lifestyle. The one thing we don’t […]


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