So why run?

So why run?

So why run?  I have asked myself this question many times in the not so past, and just the other day.  It can be a somewhat daunting question to answer, but for me it comes simply.  To answer this question, I need to explain my situation a bit more.

I have access to a full gym and a personal trainer at a beautiful facility.  The school that I attend has a gym that rivals many, but I may be bias because of the time and sweat I have left there.  While I have utilized these and I have seen great results from weight training, the simple answer……I just love running!

I have come a long way from dreading every stride to finding pleasure in every mile.  I love the feeling of lacing up the shoes and getting a full body work out.  I love pushing myself and running a new route.  I love making my own pace, and challenging myself.  I love holding myself accountable for achieving my personal goals.  I love getting faster every time.

For me, running became my new sport, an individual sport.  This was something that I had not experienced before.  The only person that expects progress is me.  The only person disappointed about skipping a day is me.  The only person who knows my limits, but tests them anyway is me.  I think it really began to grow on me because I am a very competitive person, and the only one who will win is me.  No excuses.

Along with the personal fulfillment, it is the easiest and cheapest sport; no equipment required except a good pair of shoes!  You can run anywhere and that is part of the fun as well.  Explore your neighborhood or find a trail.  I highly recommend  and other similar sites for making your own routes.

I have done my time on the treadmill and the track, but there is nothing like running outside. If you are concerned with weight loss, I can attest that running 1-3 miles a few times a week is effective.  I began running thinking I didn’t have any weight to lose, but I lost the freshmen 15 and then some.

No matter where you start or how much you can handle, every mile running is a goal completed.  Keep running, and have a Merry Christmas!


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