The importance of cross training

The importance of cross training

Cross training is a very important part of ANY active lifestyle.  Weather you’re a runner, cyclist, weight lifter, aerobicise-er, swimmer, or skier, you can’t get any better at your specialty sport without doing some other kind of workout every once in a while.

When you work out one specific part of your body, or do one workout, you WILL become stagnant and even bored with it at times.  This is a detriment to your fit lifestyle as a whole.  I can not stress the importance of cross training enough.  You owe yourself.

Weight lifters typically do their work in muscle groups, legs one day, back &biceps the next, and chest and triceps the day after that, or some variation thereof.  They also, on the days that they aren’t lifting, do cardio!

This cardio is done to break the monotony of their work outs, build endurance, and the extra activity WILL help take off some surface fat to keep them toned. I myself do running and cardio.  Cardio is anything that gets your heart racing, this is what truly knocks back the pounds for me.  A lighter me…is a faster me.

To truly understand what I mean, since running is cardio, let me say this…running sets me into a regulated pace.  That pace is one that I can comfortably run without killing myself. Now my version of cardio is the stuff like what’s in p90x or that of the insanity program to get my heart a-pumping, the sweat flowing, and when I’m through…I’m spent.  I then slow my heart rate down to “normal” speed rate and then do it again.  Go check out they have several options for an “In-Home” workout that will blow your mind!

This off again, on again heart rate change is what will literally obliterate any unwanted bulges, rolls, or in my case the ever dreaded “Back Fat.” I do this in my running as well, especially in my speed workouts.  My “thing” that works best for me is that quick/slow pacing of my heart.  It will be different for everyone but whatever it is, that gets you to that “Panting like an exhausted bulldog,” point of near respiratory distress…DO IT!!

Run, bike, swim, weights, boot camp, cross-fit, yoga, dance, or brisk walking.  Mix it up, switch it around, more importantly, do something!  If you don’t break your cycle at least every once in a while, you will become stagnant, bored, and even worse than that…LAZY So please, for the love of all that is sport…MIX IT UP!!



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