Wellness is the new “IT” word for personal health.  I was a bit under the weather last week and was not able to run like I could have, and definitely should have since its been around 70 degrees these first weeks of December.  Since I wasn’t running, I decided to do a little research.  I am an information junkie of sorts in that the more I know about something before I do it, the more likely it will be a success.

I’ve always looked health care as a tool to maintain yourself, or to keep yourself well, and in emergencies well it’s  an invaluable card to have in your deck.  For those of you that don’t have health insurance, health care is way expensive to get more than an aspirin from the pharmacy, much less a prescription, and a doctors visit can become astronomical. That being said I have found some resources for wellness that I’d like to share.

My employer , Milbank Mfg., has been partnered with Viverae (vi-vuh-ray) to help us track everything from activity to calories, and blood pressures to sun exposure, and how much fruit you eat.  When you are keeping track of all sorts of things with your body, you know when something changes for the good or bad immediately.  Wellness becomes an easy to do task, and helps you to form a good habit for your health.

Now what is Milbank exactly?  Milbank Mfg. makes those gray boxes that your electric meter is in.  They are and have been in the forefront of meter socket manufacturing for 80 years! That doesn’t happen by accident.  They are a purpose driven company and strive to provide the best possible AMERICAN MADE meter socket that they can provide. I’ve seen our stuff locally, at electric specialty stores, local hardware store, and even at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  They even have products to charge and maintain your electric car!  The facility that I work in has recently provided scads of metering equipment for the east coast to help rebuild after hurricane Sandy blew through.  Go see for yourself , they have a sales department link also where you can buy the metering stuff, and also we carry Briggs & Stratton powered generators that are second to NONE!  www.milbankmfg.com

They, both Millbank, and Viverae were instrumental in helping me achieve my wellness, and financial goals last year.  Viverae, in helping me keep track of activities that I was doing, foods I ate, calories ingested/burned, and my vitals.  Milbank, in that they helped out with providing me an honest wage for my work, and giving discounts on our monthly insurance premiums for participation.  We had a big push at work to get on board, and I’m proud to say that I scored in the top percent of people in the plant that I work for!  Todd (The Guru) Griffin, (shout out), was just above me with his health score, he’s ten years my senior, and is in better shape then most people half his age!  He’s the man for sure!  go check out Viverae too www.viverae.com

Now that the new year, and new changes to our wellness programs are kicking off, Milbank is partnering with Healthy Roads.  A very similar program that is also available to the general public as is Viverae.  Healthy roads has a program that I’m excited to get into centering around a small accelerometer device called a “Pebble.”  This pebble is a little doohickey to clip onto your shoe, similar to the nike+ pedometer/sensor in that it picks up your steps.  The difference is that in our facility there will be a transceiver set up to log the activity on the pebble automatically and we get points for it!  Not quite 100% sure what they’ll be for, but I’ll expand on it in the near future.  Check them out at www.healthyroads.com

There are many other wellness options, these are the ones that I’m most familiar with. Check them out, they can be a invaluable tool for your journey in life, no matter what fitness level you’re at.




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